Tuesday , 19 June 2018

Tamil Aunty Yaksha Looking For Indian Man Dating

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I am open- minded, fun-loving and very giving person. Each day of my life is full of new adventuresome acknowledges and new ideas. I am emotional, but in good sense. Its not hard to make me happy. Just a small surprise, flowers, or just a nice word can make me happy easily. I am active and outgoing person, don’t like sitting om same place. I am working as a teacher and I think its a job that bring me so much joy and happiness. I love helping orphans from the local orphanage. I think that our world is not person, but has so many sides – we just need to to look from the right side on it.Next to me see a person who would be positive, interesting and broadminded, I would like my man to be ready for serious relations, be reliable and generous man, who would like to try new things and be ready and open for happiness that i am going to give him!

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